Because People Matter

About Us

Business owners know the keys to success are all about two things.  One, have a great product or service to sell to a market that wants it or needs it.  Two, have a great team to deliver what you sell and keep your customers coming back for more.  If you are already in business, then you probably have the answer to the first key.  But finding, hiring, and keeping great people on the team is a huge challenge.  That’s why we created 3to99.

People matter.  When it comes down to your team and your success, you want to know that you have people on your side who have the knowledge, the experience, the strategic intelligence, and the business awareness to provide great solutions for you and your people.  You don’t want to hear what can’t be done.  You want to know what can be done to help you meet the needs of your people and give them a reason to join your team or to stay with your team when others offer them new opportunities.
With more than 50 years of combined leadership and employee benefits experience, we know how hard it is to build and keep a great team.  We know what it’s like to compete for top people and convince them to come to work in your small business. We also know how hard it is to keep your top people when they are lured away by offers of better opportunities or improved benefits.  We know there are solutions and we understand how to help you create the best culture for your team.

3to99 exists to serve you, the owner or operator of a small business.  We give you the attention you deserve and strategies that you can use.  And we do it at a price you can afford.  That’s our promise.

Why? Because People Matter!